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Meet the Team

Andrea - Owner

After 26 years as an owner driver courier in 2015 my partner said, “What would you really like to do with your life? What is your passion? Make it happen”. I was like wow, what an opportunity and I knew what it was - Dogs!

In 2016 I started studying full time doing a three-year Bachelor of Science degree in Animal Management and Welfare. I had not studied since high school, it was hard and I loved it. Being around intellectual people who were passionate about the same things as me; was motivating and inspirational. 

The year I graduated I continued studying doing the The New Zealand Certificate in Canine Training and Behaviour. While doing this certificate part of the paper was to work in a dog related industry role during the year and, this is how I ended up working and then owning K9 to 5 Doggie Daycare.

My goal is simple, to help dogs and their owners live their best possible life. We all love our dogs and want to do the best by them. If I can help owners understand their dogs wants and needs to make their lives easier, even a little bit, then I am succeeding at life, and so are they!


Devon -  Manager

Devon has been lucky enough to work at K9 to 5 since 2018. Devon loves hanging out with the dogs & working behind the scenes ensuring the place is running smoothly & all of the dogs & clients are happy. She loves that her days are busy but always makes time for a cuddle & a play with the dogs through out the day. Devon has completed her Pet First Aid & CPR Certificate.

Aimee - Head Daycare Attendant

Aimee has been with K9 to 5 since November 2016 and has completed her Pet First Aid & CPR Certificate.  Aimee adores all the dogs & loves helping them gain confidence, make lots of friends & always makes sure they are minding their manners. She knows the dogs like the back of her hand.






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