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enrolment requirements

To attend K9 to 5 Doggie Daycare your dog must have had all their vaccinations including kennel cough and if over the age of 6 months old, they must be desexed.

We will need to sight your vaccination record and receive an application form before the trial day is booked.

Trial Day

We can schedule a trial day on any day of the week that suits you. A drop off time between 8:30am – 10am is ideal for trials but of course we can be flexible if you would like an earlier drop off. On this day we assess your dog to ensure they are a good fit with the doggie daycare environment.

During the trial day we like you to be available to pick up your dog if needed, however most dogs are absolutely fine and love doggie daycare. We run the trial day for around 5 hours – nothing too long or over whelming for their first visit with us. We will update you part way through the trial to let you know how they are getting on.

The trial day charge is $48.


Dogs must be brought in on a lead. Please wait until reception area is clear before entering to ensure all dogs have space. Even the best dogs in the world will sometimes react when meeting in a confined space.

Return Visits

After the trial day, you can either book your dog in for regular days if you know your routine or let us know via text or phone call when you want to bring your dog in. Notice is appreciated however we also understand that things pop up now and then. We check the phone first thing every morning when we come in at 6.30am and will reply to let you know if there is an available space that day.

We will always keep you informed as to how your dog is doing at doggie daycare and will discuss any concerns you as the owner may have or us, as your dog’s carers may have.

Drop off is between 6.30 and 10am. This is important as dogs are settled into groups by final drop off time.

Check out our price listings on our website to see which payments will suit you.

We regularly post photos on both Facebook and Instagram, so make sure to check out what your dog has been up to each visit!


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