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Dog Daycare, Training and Grooming

Here at K9 to 5 we are as passionate about dogs as you. We provide fun, safe, cage-free day care, training and grooming for your dog.


We are dedicated to providing your dog with the greatest care and attention. Our philosophy is to ensure every dog lives their best life possible and we take the responsibility of your dog coming into our daycare very seriously. 

We will let you know how your dog is enjoying daycare life and discuss and work through any concerns. We practise positive reinforcement training techniques and encourage all our owners to do the same. We want all our dogs to get the most out of their doggie daycare experience and our promise to you is that your dog is stress-free in our doggie daycare environment.

So why Doggie Daycare? 


Due to work demands and busy life styles we often find ourselves with less time to dedicate to our beloved pets. How many of us are often wishing we could stay at home and hang with our dogs as we are leaving for work because they give us “those” eyes? 

Sometimes our dogs are left for hours as we go about our day. Separation anxiety, stress, destructive behaviour or excessive barking can occur when your dog is left home alone and bored.

Here at K9 to 5 Doggie Daycare your dog receives ongoing interaction with attendants and other dogs throughout the day. They are never left unattended and will return home a happy tired dog. You can go about your day knowing your dog is in great hands with no more of “those” eyes as you walk out the door.

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Golden Dog

Daycare Day Rates

Let us look after your pooch while you're at work. 

*Prices as of 01/05/2022

Full day $45

Half day (up to 5hrs) $25

Trail day (up to 5hrs)$45

Two Dogs

Daycare Concession Cards

3 Full day concession: $119
5 Full day concession: $185
10 Full day concession: $350
15 Full day concession: $495

*Prices as of 01/05/2022

Concession Cards are valid for 2 months from first use

Full Grooming

Dog Grooming

Have your dog groomed during its daycare visit.

Prices vary, contact us for a quote. 

Sorry grooming is currently unavailable but we can offer recommendations


Dog Collar

1:1 Training Sessions

One on one sessions with you and your dog personalised to your dog or have your dog trained while they're with us.

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Twin Dogs

Training Classes

Puppy School and Basic Training available now

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