Happy Easter

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Hope everyone has a wonderful Easter break. Eat lots of chocolate but make sure you don’t share this with your furry friend. Its toxic to them. Check out our chocolate toxicity calculator for dogs

Chocolate Toxicity Calculator

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This calculator will tell you how much theobromine and caffeine your dog ingested and what types of symptoms to expect. The calculator will also tell you whether an emergency visit to the veterinarian is recommended. When using the chocolate toxicity calculator, it is very important to know the type of

Congratulations Adele & Sarah

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Congratulations to Adele Howard and Sarah Armstrong-Paul (our Daycare Attendants) who attended a one day course for Pet First Aid and are now certified NZ Animal First Aiders. The course is run through Complete Canine Care in conjunction with www.pettech.net.au for animal CPR, First Aid and Care for pets. Although Adele and

Raw feeding – Where do I start?

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Unsure of the what, where, when and how of raw feeding? Here are our recommendations Everyone’s first question is “Why raw food?” A raw diet allows your pet to develop and maintain a healthy digestive system.  While processed foods are easy to feed, more and more pets are experiencing health

10 great reasons to feed your dog a raw diet

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Teeth brighten and lose plaque, eliminating the need for cleaning. Breath becomes almost odorless indicating a healthy start to the digestive process. Skin becomes healthy and vibrant and creates a hostile environment to most parasites. Coat shines brightly and sheds minimally. Raw Feeding is very popular among show dog owners

Is pet food poisoning our dogs?

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An interesting newspaper article from the UK titled ‘Is pet food poisoning our dogs?’ Rebecca Hosking decided to turn detective when her collie fell ill. What the woman who led Britain’s first campaign to ban plastic bags discovered will alarm every animal lover. It was early spring this year and

New Website

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Yes, we have a new website design. Hope you all get a chance to checkout the new look. Thanks kindly to Chrissy Clements who designed and made it happen.