Grooming Parlour

Here at the K9 to 5 Grooming Parlour, we believe that grooming is an essential part of pet care. Regular grooming may assist in preventing problems such as excessive shedding, skin and paw disorders, painful matts and bad breath. Members of The Groomers Association of NZ and run by a NZ master groomer, we ensure health & safety and hygiene standards are met at all times while handling your pet.  We are cage-free and pride ourselves on a “loop free” (tied to a table) environment.

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Meet the team

Lisa McPherson – NZ Master Groomer

Lisa started grooming approximately eight years ago after undergoing a one year course to obtain her Certificate in Animal Care from Carrington Unitec. This enabled her to understand basic animal behaviour, determine skin/health problems, and keep her up-to-date on animal welfare standards including the importance in health & hygiene and first aid for animals.  Lisa grooms full-time Monday to Saturday and is a NZ Master Groomer.  Lisa is skilled in all aspects of grooming from basic wash & blow drying to full scissoring work on all breeds. Lisa has a “no cage” policy in her parlour for the dogs, believing that many have a more eventful time at the groomers when they are allowed to walk around freely and learn to stand still on the table by themselves.


Sheree Hutchinson – Grooming Assistant

Sheree has been with K9 to 5 since November 2010. Sheree assists us in the area of washing and blow-drying, preparation work (i.e.  combing, nails, plucking of ears, sanitary clips, pre-clipping).  She has also been trained up in clipper work.  Sheree is very passionate about animals, especially dogs and has a  patient, calming nature toward the dogs.  She is seen in the picture with her baby girl Jessie.  Sheree is a full time grooming assistant and is at K9 to 5 Monday to Saturday.


Nicole Ballerini – Senior Groomer

Nicole has been grooming at K9 to 5 since March 2013 on a part-time basis, returning to work after a break from raising her son.  She has 12 years grooming experience behind her, working for Canine Cutters (Epsom), Bark n Bubbles (North Shore) then opened her own grooming parlour in Glendene which operated for 6 years prior to closing to raise her son.  She is extremely talented in the art of grooming, from basic clips to specific styles for specific breeds, and has a fantastic relationship with the dogs.   With such extensive grooming skills, we are very fortunate to have her on our team.

Shontelle Wolters – Groomer         

Shontelle has been grooming at K9 to 5 since July 2013 on a full-time basis.  She previously worked part-time at a dog grooming parlour whilst at school then ended up in retail for two years in a full-time position before realising her passion for dogs was something she wished to pursue futher.  This encouraged her to obtain her Certificate in Dog Grooming from Angels Dog Grooming Academy prior to starting at K9 to 5.  She also holds a certificate in Animal First Aid.  Shontelle is already demonstrating a high quality in her grooming ability and we look forward to watching her career in grooming grow to very promising heights.